Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easy Does It

During the recent cold snap, my garage door started acting up. It responded with even less consistency than usual. To get in, we punch in a 4 digit code to get the door to automatically open. When it is cold, it often takes two or three tries. When it is really really cold (as it has been recently), one wonders if it is going to work at all!

It was during one of these moments, where I thought it had stopped working completely, I found myself punching in the numbers very clearly and firmly. In fact, the more it "ignored" me, the firmer I punched these numbers. (Remember, it is fritzen cold outside and I want the door open NOW as the timer on the windchill factor countdown moves towards certain frostbite) One could say I was jamming the numbers.

Along comes the little guy who says, "I think it might work if you just do lightly". Cynically, but desperate by this point, I slowly and gently tapped each of the four numbers in the exact center of the


A real lesson there, which I'm reminded of each time I go to the garage to get in my car. How easy is it, when we feel like someone isn't getting the message, to say it louder and firmer, thinking that volume and impatience will work.

Yeah, right. Yelling really helps people understand better.

Of course it is obvious as you read this...probably not quite so obvious during the last argument you had, huh?

Gently now...go into your difficult relationships with tenderness and the care to state things accurately and effectively.

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