Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Blog has moved

Our new blog address is here

Change comes in many packages and sizes.

Many of us despise change. Much of the work that is done with clients is discovering the part of them that will resist the very change they seek help for.

-A client who asks for help with procrastinating on homework, and on further investigation, really doesn't like the course she is taking. If the procrastination is reduced, she'll be doing homework she doesn't want to do and isn't really interested in--why kind of fix is that!

-A couple wants help reducing the conflict in their marriage. But as tensions decrease, they find themselves sharing more deeply and intimately--which has its own terror. Suddenly, the conflict seems attractive--it's connecting at a safe level.

Suffice to say, resistance to change isn't just about wanting to stay stuck in an ugly place. It's about difficulty letting go of the underlying adaptive process that has something that looks like it's not working actually serve a valuable purpose.

All this thought about change comes up because I have been learning more about how websites work, and I "took the plunge" and transferred my blog to the same web address as my website. I really liked the look of the other blog, the usability of the features of blogspot. But I'm working at being open to the change, and finding ways to embrace it. I think it will be a good decision in the long run. We look forward to see you over there--please change your bookmark to the new location.

How will you make your change decisions that you are facing?