Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With appreciation

Last week was Administrative Assistant's week--a chance to formally recognize all the behind the scenes work that makes our practice happen.

The work in the counselling room is the "main course" of the therapy experience. Melanie is the appetizer and dessert. Before a person is in the room with the therapist:
  • s/he had to get information from the website--Melanie updates it.
  • s/he has to call and find out information--Melanie answers the phone
  • s/he has to provide information so the therapist can prepare for the client--Melanie captures the information
  • a new client needs to be welcomed--Melanie is right there.
  • s/he may want to change an appointment or be reminded of the time--Melanie does that too
  • the therapists need copies of things, a supply of books to provide to clients--Melanie does this
  • then I need help with bookkeeping, connecting with suppliers, preparations for the new office--Melanie, again
If you've got the impression that she makes it all possible, you're right. And she does it with a smile. It's fun to come to work because she welcomes us as we come in the door. She is a calming soothing presence on the phone, and provides good information, returns your calls, and looks for the answers and gets back to you if you stump her with a question (and that doesn't happen often). She lets us think that she likes us--and that's a good feeling--and I think she really does, too. Melanie is a gift to Bergen and Associates and the people we serve. If you gather that we are a little fond of her, you're more than a little correct.

I treated her to a special afternoon last week. It was fun to spoil her and remind her of how we value her.

I remember hearing someone say a long time ago that encouragement and appreciation are fuel to a person's soul.

Fuel up someone today!

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