Monday, January 19, 2009

A Gentle Kindness

I was picking up some supper today at The Greek Market. Once I had my yummy lemon potatoes, veggies and phyllo wrapped delights, he asked me, "Is that all?" I looked around and decided to throw in a couple of freshly baked crispy-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the-inside rolls, explaining that I was going to see a friend who had cancer treatment today, and the steroids she took to control the side effects were going to have her be extra hungry. He mentioned well wishes, and disappeared briefly while I signed the receipt...returning with a wrapped dessert that he popped in the bag, and said, "Give this to her for me."

It touched me. He will never see her, or know who she is.

But I do. I saw her face light up at the kindness (and for the yummy anticipation!)

Today in the city, the second murder of the year was discussed in the news, a fatal car crash in the north end took two lives, and schools and a university reel from the recent discovery of a mass murder plot uncovered. I heard of people's pain--serious, difficult stories of people dealing with tough stuff.

In a moment, the heaviness rolled away as I witnessed the kindness of a stranger towards someone he will never meet.

The world needs gentle and generous kind spirited moments. I know that today I was blessed.

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