Monday, November 24, 2008

A new era for me

This is a week of new beginnings. This is my first blog entry as I want to venture out into new ways of connecting with people who are asking good questions, and like me, searching for strategies that will make this world a better place.

Bergen and Associates Counselling, the organization of which I am a director, is also beginning a new venture--into the world of video counselling. Over the years, the therapists where I work have seen clients who drive hours to see us. Generally, they live in remote areas where there are either no counselling resources, or the resources are so limited that it would take months to be seen. When a person is in crisis, waiting months can seem like it is just not an option! A situation that is stressful can become intolerable, or in the worst case scenario, fall apart because the situation deteriorates. I still believe face to face "in-person" counselling is best, and would want people to get local resources when possible. However, in many cases, it may feel like there are no options for getting help. I like to think that we fit in that gap--that where there is no one to talk to, we can be there, via videoconferencing over the internet.

It has been a challenge to get there...I have become a student of technology this last week as I have been taught how to use the videoconferencing system (Thanks Terie--who taught us over the new system he was teaching us to use!), had to figure out how to program my website to do new tricks, and am enhancing my abilities to use Google. It has reminded me of how much being on a "learning curve" can take out of a person...probably a good thing for a therapist to experience!

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Heidi Reimer-Epp said...

Congratulations on taking this exciting step. Best wishes to you and your team!